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Kickoff Wellness - Wendy Neal - Holistic Health Coach

Hi there, I’m Wendy!

I’m so glad you’re here! I haven’t always been a huge fan of cooking, but after a multiple food allergy and hypothyroidism diagnosis, I had to completely change my diet and cook all my meals from scratch. Since then I’ve been on a mission to find the quickest and easiest ways to get wholesome, healthy food on the table fast. Because I’m a busy professional (and sometimes plain lazy), I don’t have a lot of extra time or desire to spend hours in the kitchen.

A nice side effect of healthier eating was healing my chronic health issues. I discovered that the “food” I had been eating was the reason I was chronically ill. My incredible transformation inspired me to become a Holistic Health Coach and help others kick off their own journey to wellness.

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Want to be confident and worry-free that what you eat won’t make you sick?

I help people who have recently been diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities
to take the stress and overwhelm out of transitioning their diet.

By working with me, I can help you:

  • cope with sudden dietary changes and loss (yes, giving up foods you used to love can be like losing something cherished)

  • understand how to read food labels and identify hidden sources of common food allergens and problem ingredients

  • identify food substitutions for your allergens so you can continue to enjoy your favorite meals

  • learn how to get healthy, wholesome (and delicious!) food on the table fast, even if you don’t know how to cook

  • be prepared and confident when traveling or dining out that the food you select won’t make you sick

  • discover and understand the likely underlying root causes of your food allergies or sensitivities

  • replace poor eating habits with new healthy, sustainable habits that will last a lifetime

…and much more!

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If you need help in any of these areas, let's talk!

Let's take 30 minutes to chat and see if we're right for each other on a FREE discovery call.
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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”  ~Jim Rohn

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