Welcome to the Kickoff Wellness blog!

Welcome to the Kickoff Wellness blog!


Welcome to the Kickoff Wellness blog! I am so glad you’re here. With this first blog post, I wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect to find here in upcoming posts and articles.

First a bit of background on me.

For the last several months I’ve been attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition studying to be a health and wellness coach. I got interested in natural health due to many chronic health struggles I had battled for many years – make that decades – and the only thing conventional medicine could do for me was prescribe multiple prescription drugs that only made me sicker and sicker.

Today I’m happy to say that I’ve been off all prescription (and OTC) drugs for over 7 years by simply changing my diet and making better lifestyle choices, and I feel great! Read more about my story here.

My current day job is as a software/web developer, and while I am still very passionate about technology and development, I don’t feel like it is my true PURPOSE. I mean, the stuff I develop is not really changing lives, is it?

It makes me incredibly sad to see so much suffering and pain in the world by people that have chronic diseases, and I know that the majority of these can be 100% PREVENTED and 100% REVERSED using natural methods, primarily dietary and lifestyle changes. Especially all the chronic issues we are seeing in children these days – it truly breaks my heart. No one should suffer!

I believe my purpose is to spread the word by sharing my story, and supporting others on their own wellness journey. I know I can help so many, even if just one person at a time, regain their youthful vigor and vitality and achieve true health and happiness. Eventually I’d love to be able to quit my day job and do health coaching full time.

Here are some of the things I’ll be blogging about and sharing with you in the future:

  • Quick and easy recipes. Do you get really excited when you find a healthy recipe you’d like to try, then your eyes glaze over when you realize it has 18 ingredients, or takes 2 hours to prep and cook? All recipes on my site will be EASY to prep and EASY to cook. Oh, and they will also be HEALTHY. No more kitchen anxiety or overwhelm!
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle advice. I believe that simply eating real, clean food is the key. I don’t believe in dieting, or that there’s the ultimate perfect diet that EVERYONE should be following. We are all individuals, and one person’s food can be another’s poison. Some people thrive on grains, others don’t. Same thing with meat. You won’t see terms like Paleo or Atkins being thrown around here, or that the only way to be healthy is to go gluten-free or raw vegan.
  • Tips and tricks for eating healthy no matter where you are. Eating out at a restaurant? Traveling across the county? Attending a party or family get-together? It is possible to eat healthy while traveling and dining out, and I’ll share my best tips with you. I’ll also touch on how to manage when you have food allergies, to reduce your risk of getting sick while traveling or dining out.
  • Stuff I’ve learned about chronic health conditions. I’ve suffered from a lot of them, so you may see posts about hypothyroidism, food sensitivities, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, panic attacks, h. pylori infection, etc. From how I was diagnosed, to how I currently manage or have completely overcome them.
  • My favorite things. Sometimes I might share a particular product or service that I really like. These posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I will get a small commission if you purchase a product from my link. Doing so will not increase the cost to you in any way. Also note that I will only share products or services that I use myself and love, and think you will too.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please check back often for new and exciting content!


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Wendy Neal is a holistic health coach who helps people who have recently been diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities to take the stress and overwhelm out of transitioning their diet, so they can be confident and worry-free that what they eat won't make them sick.

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